If your colleagues, friends, and family would thrive in a coworking space, invite them to WorkVille!
We’d love to welcome your expanded network to our community of leaders.

How the referral program works for you.

Email info@workvillenyc.com. Be sure to include the name, company and estimated move date of the referral. You are welcome to refer as many friends as you’d like.

– $500 gift card for any referred company that joins for 6 months.

– $150 gift card for any referred member that joins for 3 months.

We’ll email a thank you note and address request when your referral joins WorkVille. The gift card will be mailed to the address you provide.

Have more referral ideas? We’re open to suggestions!

How the referral program works for them.

We love welcoming new, talented members to our community.

Workville features move-in ready workspaces. If

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the workspace you are looking for isn’t available, we can build a new workspace for teams up to 200! We thoughtfully support your scaling needs.

We are home to thought-leaders and disruptors that choose to grow with us. WorkVille is in the unique position of scaling organically, which allows us to stay focused on member experience. To learn more about the WorkVille coworking experience, click Our Story.
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