Workville’s neighborhood has become an epicenter of great food. There are a plethora of fast-casual restaurants perfect for team lunches, deliveries, and take-out. We put together a best-of list based on our community’s recommendations. 

Healthy lunch favorites are Little Beet, Dig Inn, Sweet Green, and Two Forks. The trick is to order online and pick-up in store, so you get the best of both worlds – a nice lunchtime walk without waiting in line to place the order!

When it comes to Asian flavor Kobeyaki is the go-to for sweet potato fries, burgers, teriyaki dishes. For authentic sushi, our members swear by Ootoya and for authentic Chinese cuisine, Kung Fu Kitchen is a member secret they are happy to share.

Comfort food favorites vary depending on your palate. Mighty Quinns, Mexique, Shake Shack, and the Hallal truck are the guilty pleasures in our community, usually followed by a phone call on the terrace to wake them up from their food coma. If deli food is the guilty pleasure of choice, Mr. Broadway has just that (and it’s Kosher!). Fun fact, they also have Asian food in case you really can’t decide between cuisines.

Workville’s President swears by Pot Belly as her guilty pleasure and Beyond Sushi for the healthy days while Workville’s CEO is a Chick Filet regular. Our Community Manager’s favorite is to have a little taste of it all from the buffet at Frame Café.

Friday splurges are usually Poke Works and Café Bari, but not everyone reserves their splurge day for Friday. 😉 For “power lunches” or team outings, Orzo and Bryant Park Grill will impress your guests.

The favorite catering options for team lunches and conference room meetings are Untamed Sandwiches, the Picnic Bench, Guy and Gallard, Murray’s Cheese, and Café Bari (Café Bari’s food and iced tea are so nice we put it on the list twice!).

Our members also recommend referencing the Infatuation when looking for a refresh on the daily go-to. Workville’s location is in the center of many neighborhoods, so whether you type in Bryant Park, Midtown, Midtown West, Penn Station, and so on, The Infatuation has it covered. Thank you to the Infatuation super taster writers for the food reviews!

More restaurants keep moving into the neighborhood too and all we can say is, Yes Please and Welcome to the Neighborhood!

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