Twice a year a food festival pops up on our front stoop courtesy of Urbanspace. It’s a showcase of some of the city’s best food. Rather than list out all the different choices, we invite you to visit our neighborhood when Urbanspace is in town; it’s fun to enjoy that element of surprise as you walk through exploring new food! Our community loves it. When not on our front stoop, Urbanspace travels just a few blocks south to Greeley Square (aka Herald Square neighborhood), a few blocks north to Times Square, or right next door to Bryant Park. So there’s pretty much always a food festival to find in our midtown neighborhood.

During the holiday season Urbanspace transforms our front stoop into a holiday shopping experience. For those of us guilty as charged for saving holiday shopping for the last minute, this holiday pop-up is a gift. We also love hearing shopping anecdotes about the impulse purchases from Urbanspace. The most frequent shopping theme has to do with refreshing the cold weather wardrobe – someone lost a glove or a hat and picked up a cashmere refresh form the holiday shops. Similar to the food festival, the holiday shops are full of fun surprises that our community loves exploring, from winter accessories, jewelry, fancy food items, to locally made artisan gifts.

For the rest of the year, the plaza is our space to enjoy. It’s a unique advantage to have a plaza in front of the building because it makes our block feel spacious and welcoming. Members of our community spread out from Workville into the plaza to take calls, to meet friends, and overall, it simply feels like a breath of fresh air to have an extended space in front of 1412 Broadway.


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