Private Offices with large windows are iconic features of our NYC coworking space. The amount of natural sunlight streaming through to our interior offices is equally iconic, thanks to the large windows and terrace doors that frame our workspace. 

How you choose to organize, brand, and decorate the office is up to you! Some companies set up desks in pods based on team function, while others choose the more traditional engineer layout with desks facing the walls and window. We’re here to support you with advice and best practices from member experiences.

Private offices are available for teams of 2 to 6 people. All offices are move-in ready and amenities include furniture, ethernet ports and wifi, 24/7 access, conference room hours, and phone booths.


There is space to spread out of the office as well. Members enjoy working from the cafe, lounge, and three terraces. Here’s an insider tip: A favorite spot for meetings is the picnic bench on the back terrace.