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Based on demand, Workville conference rooms are now available for non-members too! We welcome you to book your NYC conference room with us. Here is a description of a day in the life of your reservation.



Conference Rooms are a turn-key experience. Our rooms are equipped with marble conference room tables, outlets, polycom phone, TV with screen sharing, and whiteboards. Most of our rooms seat six, but we also have large conference rooms on our private floor, available upon request.

Bring your laptop, your presentation and any catering you choose; we provide the rest.



Members and guests alike appreciate Workville’s central location. Easily accessible from Grand Central, Penn Station, and all major subways, Workville is located in the luxury building 1412 Broadway. It makes a nice first impression to have an easy commute to your NYC conference room.

1412 Broadway’s welcoming lobby includes an art collection and a friendly doorman to assist you.After checking in with the 1412 doorman,  head to our workspace on the 21st Floor. Our Community Team will be waiting to greet you at the marble Front-Desk.  Let us know if you have any questions about your meeting room. We’re here to help!


Workville’s Front Doors and Front Desk hours are 9am – 5pm, Monday through Friday. If you’re looking for a flexible option outside of those hours, we can accommodate that too! Call us, (646) 257-5537.

Our favorite part of greeting new guests is seeing their reaction. We’re not sure if it’s the natural sunlight, the terraces, or the hum of productivity in our private-club-like workspace that people find most impressive, but all in all, we love seeing your smile upon entering!


Workville’s neighborhood has a lot to explore, which is key for entertaining before or after your meeting. An impressive new addition to our 1412 Broadway building is the rooftop lounge, Elsie. Designed with gold and velvet, it feels like a throwback to the old New York days, with a Great Gatsby theme decor and panoramic views to enjoy.

A more robust list of what to do and see can be found on our Neighborhoods page.


We saved the best for last – food! Members list the following as their favorite catering options: Cafe Bari, Guy and Gallard, Murray’s Cheese, Untamed Sandwiches, and the Picnic Bench. These restaurants are NYC-based and taste artisan made; a local taste for your NYC conference room experience. A more thorough list of restaurant options can be found under our Foodies Delight section on the Neighborhoods page.

We look forward to hosting your next meeting. Email info@workvillenyc.com or call (646) 257-5537