Above and Beyond

We’re known as New York City’s best coworking space because of the top talent we attract, our professional, friendly environment and our flexible, helpful management style. Here’s a look at what’s happening at Workville:

The Talent we Attract

Members include satellite offices, experienced entrepreneurs with self-funded startups, graduates of prestigious Accelerators, Series A and B startups, Crypto Currency backed start-ups, and the list goes on. Our member companies are the best of the best across all industries. Our founding members are so successful, we added a new floor with larger team offices to meet their growing needs. We are proud of their success stories – we’ve had members IPO, raise +10MM funding, triple their customer base, graduate from accelerators like Grand Central Tech and YC, and the success stories keep coming.

Our Management Style

Workville was founded by the landlords, which means we can continue to scale quickly while maintaining our dedicated focus to the customer experience. When members need more space, we can build it. For the everyday experience, our Co-Founder/CEO (DJ Dashti) and President/COO (Sue Bernstock) are always available, working in the coworking space alongside our members. Membership retention rate is over 95%  (Workville “graduates” are success stories like Function of Beauty, KidPass, and swing spaces). Workville’s team is committed to providing an individual experience for each member.

Team Office

YC Accelerator Graduate
B2B & B2C EdTech
Since joining Workville, raised Series B funding + doubled client base
Founders are avid skiers, frequent Colorado slopes

Large Team Office

European Company’s Satellite Office
B2B Adtech
Since joining Workville, raised Series C + acquired another company
Team enjoys Thursday cocktails, work from home Fridays

Two Offices

Experienced, Self-Funded Entrepreneurs
B2C Transportation
Since joining Workville, IPO’d + tripled headcount
Founders enjoy Fridays as work-from-home-with-the-kids day

Three Adjacent Offices

Block Chain Funded
Since joining Workville, won AI awards, tripled valuation + launched Product Development lab
Founders have as many Frequent Flyer miles as an Airline pilot

Outdoor Terrace

Two Desks

Seasoned CEO’s, self-funded
B2B FinTech
Since joining Workville, launched new platform + doubled enterprise customer base
Founders are foodies and coffee connoisseurs

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